Tuesday, September 9, 2014


     Hi, my name is Hillary.  My friends and family call me Hill or Hills.  I am from Pulaski and have lived there for most of my life.  I love to hang out with my friends and family, shop and explore Pinterest. 
From little on, I have loved doing hair.  I used to cut my Barbie’s hair and style my other doll’s hair.  I think by doing that it gave me a passion for what I love.  I also grew my passion for hair while watching my aunt and cousin who are also stylists.  Every time we would go and visit them at their salons it was so fascinating to me.  Seeing people try a new color or a new cut intrigued me a lot.  As I grew older I loved trying new things with my hair.  I’ve experimented with different colors and cuts and even love to style it in different ways.  Once I got into high school, and my friends and I started going to dances, I became their go to girl for hair.  Everyone would always want me to do his or her hair and I loved it!  It gave me hands on experience with experimenting with different textures and lengths of hair. 
     You would think all these things would have made me choose to go to school for hair right after I graduated, however, I took a different path for about a year and a half.  I moved to Milwaukee and went to school to become a dental hygienist.  After about a year had gone by I started to think about hair again.  I just kept thinking that I should really go to school for hair because I had such a love for it.  So I finally made my decision and moved home to start cosmetology school.
     Since making that choice I have never been so happy.  I feel like I am finally fulfilling the dream I had since I was a little girl.  Today I have been a cosmetologist for over a year and I couldn’t be happier.  I love life and the career that I chose!